About the Instructor: Nicole Ignacio

Along with nearly 15 years of teaching experience comes more years of fitness and nutrition credentials and experience.  Years of experience in Special Education provide the capability to differentiate and accommodate lessons to meet all students’ needs with ease. With a fitness background, there is much more ability to get kiddos up and moving while learning, as well as meeting the needs of kinetic learners. Healthy living habits are also strongly promoted.



  • Massachusetts Licensed and Certified Teacher
  • Special Education K-12; Middle School Mathematics
  • 14 Years Experience
  • 6 Years Experience Daycare Worker & Daycare Site Supervisor



  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AAI & ISMA Advanced Personal Trainer
  • FRA Nutritionist
  • AAI & SMA Sports Nutrition Consultant
  • AFAA Primary Group Instructor
  • AFAA Kickboxing Instructor
  • CRUNCH Stretch & Functional Training
  • Youth Fitness
  • 15 Years Experience