What better than to be able to drop off your child and go do errands while your he/she is learning from a fun and dynamic curriculum taught by a certified and licensed teacher with small group instruction and taking part in Fitness activities (see below links regarding the affects/correlation of physical activity and academicc success). Parents receive a list of the day’s activities so they are able to reinforce concepts and discuss the day’s events. There is nothing I disliked more than when I would pick up my son and when I asked, “What did you do today?” and he reply, “Nothing.” Knowing that was untrue and left me unable to process or reinforce skills and concepts with him. Packages below offer 3 hour drop off or Whole Day. Preschool parents receive a report on the Developmental Checklist and at age 4-5 a report on their progress toward the New Hampshire’s Kindergarten Readiness Indicators in which our curriculum is built to meet, while Kindergarten and older parents receive progress reports on Common Core Standards. All parents receive much school/home communication.  At rest time, parents receive close, and sometimes more than, 20 photos of the day and an update on what we accomplished, our favorite activities, and just the day in general.

2 to 4 year olds:  Curriculum focuses on character building, vocabulary, social interaction, tactile/sensory activities, body awareness, gross and fine motor, pre-literacy and pre-math skills thru fun and dynamic integrated activities that promote exploration.  Five tot limit.

5+ year olds that are in Kindergarten and up follow the Common Core Standards through fun and innovative educational activities. Some kids I have had at 4 years old also have advanced to this level, so it’s all differentiated on each child’s individual level and abilities. One of our 4 year olds is also happily reading at a first grade level!

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Part Day: 9:00am-12:30am $35/day per child. (pack a lunch and one snack)

Whole Day: $45/day per child. (7:30am-pick up, not exceeding 6:00pm, also bring a lunch and two snacks)



Below is a sample of what parents receive EVERY week. This is what Parents received for the week of 9/21/15. This particular week was ages 2-5 **We also go out for recess/free social time for 45 minutes – 1 hour before lunch**



Sample Schedule

(actual schedule from a past week that parents received)

Character Trait: Respect

Color of the week: Orange

Shape of the week: (younger) Rectangle, (older) Pentagon

Letter of the week: E (Advanced- Review Digraph Sh, Th, Ch, Wh)

Science: Kids will continue learning about the seasons. They will also start learning about Germs and start to grow their own disgusting germs on Wednesday to reinforce WHY they need to wash their hands and what makes our bodies sick.

Gross motor: we will continue working on crossing the midline exercises. Crossing midline is an important part of development in a child. They need it for reading, writing, and many other important school activities as well as play activities. We will be using our whole body to exercise this skill.

What is midline? If you were to draw a line down the middle of your body, starting at the head, that is your midline. Every time you cross that line with either side of your body, that is crossing midline. Crossing midline is a skill that children can learn from infancy. Poor mid-line crossing will affect how your child reads (tracking with the eye from left to right) and writes (using their dominate hand across the writing page).

Math skills: Level 1: Shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle
Number 1-5, all aspects and tracing. Shapes are taped to the walls.  we dance to the music and when it stops, we have to run to a shape, take turns telling the group what the shape is, we count together how many sides, and trace with our finger. Music starts again and we repeat the process.
                         Level 2: Subtraction. Given a tree with Velcro apples, use this as a manipulative to solve the verbalized word problems.

Literacy: Level 1: Tracing curved lines
                   Level 1& 2: Letter E. There are pictures inside plastic eggs. kids have to open the egg and put the eggs that contain /e/ sound pictures into the Ee Bucket. Next they practice tracing and writing the letter Ee.
                   Level 3: Review digraphs sh, ch, th, wh. Hang the shirts (laminated shirts from paper) with pictures on them to the corresponding digraph clothes line.

Shake Break is a gross motor interval to get kids up and moving. We get our heart rate up for about 15 minutes and have a blast doing it. Kids love our songs and dance time at Circle Time so why not give them a bout of it for a brain break. All activities are geared to exercise their listening and following direction skills. Each week, songs will change. This week’s Shake Break Song/Videos:



Science: Tuesday we will review the concepts of the seasons. Wednesday, kids will start our DISGUSTING science experiments of growing our own bacteria. Kids will swab up their noses (I will do that for safety sake), between their toes, the toilet handle and a door knob to grow their own bacteria and germs to learn what they are, how they spread, and why we wash our hands before we eat. They will evaluate the dishes daily and observe the growth followed by discussion.

Tactile station this week is Play-Do and tools. Kids can use the tactile station when they are done their direct instruction/lesson and independent stations.




Circle Time -Good Morning song
-Color of the week song
-Calendar, weather
-Read Alpha Tale for E
-Hidden Object Game: kids take turns going out of the room. While they do, the group has to work together to choose an object from the room and place it into a box. Kiddo returns from the other room, puts their hand in the hole of the box and has to identify the object by touch. Next kiddo’s turn.
-Make our Shape of the Week using Popsicle Sticks and decorate.
-Character Trait Activitiy- T-Chart on board. Respect vs Disrespect. I tell short stories and kids have to put a decide how the character was feeling using a smiley face or sad face and put the face under “Respect” or “Disrespect”. Kiddos will see that “Respect” has all smiley faces and “Disrespect” has all sad faces. It will be reinforced that when we disrespect someone, we make them sad, but when we respect them, we make them happy. Respect is caring about how others’ feel.

Math–   Level 1- numbers 1-5, trace and count
Station- Sort colored pegs on peg board

Level 2- Subtraction story with picking apples storyboard. Kids listen to the story, pick the apples to find what’s “left” on each apple tree to understand the subtraction concept. Story board is a tree with red velcroed pom-poms.
Station: Clothes Pin Dice Dots. Kids have to pin corresponding clothes pin with number on cards with dots in the visual of dice

Literacy – Level 1- Match lower and upper case letter cards A-E
Station– Hidden lower case cards; match with upper case cards that are aligned on floor.

Level 2- Review Sight words. flash cards hanging round the room. Find the called upon word.
Station– Sort Sh, Th, Wh, and Ch lolly pop pics. Put the pops with pictures into the right digraph slot. Good incorporation of fine motor skills.

SHAKE BREAK– Fun dance to get kiddos up and DANCING!!

Fine Motor– Decorate Cowboy/girl hat that we didn’t get to last week

Science– Review and assess understanding of seasons. Pictures spread out around the room. I call out a season, kids have to find the pics that go with that season.

Gross Motor -Midline Exercises




Circle Time– Good Morning song
-Color of the week song
-Calendar, weather
-Hidden Object Game: kids take turns going out of the room. While they do, the group has to work together to choose an object from the room and place it into a box. Kiddo returns from the other room, puts their hand in the hole of the box and has to identify the object by touch. Next kiddo’s turn.
-Read Alpha Tale for E, count the Es on selected pages.
-Character Trait activity- Read Chrysanthemum. Kids hold up a smiley face when someone is being respectful, and a sad face when someone is being disrespectful. Discuss when there are examples of respect and disrespect.

Fine Motor– Make an elephant out of E

Literacy integrated Math– ALL LEVELS- Mr. Alligator and the Monkey’s Tale. Kids make a puppet alligator. Story board is a tree with five hanging monkeys. As we sing the tale, kids take turns using their alligator to eat a monkey from the tree. Skill: ELA: Comprehension, Math: subtraction concept
Station Level 1: Trace curved lines. Get the bee to the flowers.
Station Level 2: Play-Do mat Ee
Station Level 3: Sort wh words/pictures into correct kangaroo/syllable pocket. One syllable or two syllables

SHAKE BREAK– Fun dance to get kiddos up and DANCING!!

Math– Level 1- Trace and count number 2
Station: innovation, integrated fine motor skills- build with Lego blocks

Level 2- Subtraction worksheet. Cross of the pictures to figure the answer.
Station : Number Order 0-30 file folder game. Put in the missing numbers in the flower garden.

Science– Discuss germs and why we wash our hands. Start science experiment making petri dishes and selecting disgusting locations (ie. Up our nose, toilet handle, door knob, between our toes, etc) to swab and grow our germs.
Gross Motor – Midline Exercises and
Play/sing Who’s going to get the Ball? Kids pass large ball for chorus. When chorus is over, the person who has the ball land lays down passes the ball from head to toes, great core strength activity, until we are done singing the verse. They sit up and start passing in circle singing the chorus and keep going.




Circle Time- Good Morning song
-What’s that taste Game: One kiddo is blind folded at a time. Kids take turns tasting different foods and have to guess what it is. Group is shown what the kiddo is giving to taste and have to say “Right” or “try again”. Next kiddo’s turn.when they guess correctly.
-Color of the week song
-Calendar, weather
-Character Trait Activity- Kids have a heart made out of construction paper. We read a story and when someone is being disrespected, kids crumble a little of their heart. When someone is being respected, they uncrumble some of their heart. At the end, we discuss what our heart looks like and although we can try to flatten it out, it is not going to be as nice as it started out. So when we disrespect someone, it my wrinkle their heart and not go totally back to the way it was. Kids then decorate their heart and write the words “Be Respectful” on their heat as a reminder.

Math-Level 1- Assessment- Counting Carrots File Folder Game. Count carrots and put the corresponding number in the bunny’s basket. (1-5)
Station– Match colors file folder game.
Level 2- Subtraction with Legos. Kids listen to subtraction story and stack and take away from stack of Legos.
Station: subtraction worksheet, use Legos for help.

Say the name of an animal that starts with the letter E
Put on some dance music.
children pretend they are the animal and try to dance like the animal might.

Station Level 1– Tracing curved lines. Trace the pizza dough around the pizza and color.

Station Level 2– Match lower and upper case letters A-E

Station Level 3– Review digraphs and find pictures around the room identifying what digraph it starts with (choosing from list on wall).  Also, children have to clap out how many syllables they hear in each word. Alphabet file folder game: Match lower and upper case letters to Z.

SHAKE BREAK– Fun dance to get kiddos up and DANCING!!

Fine Motor– Make and Decorate a cracked egg out of “e” using white card stock and glitter in tactile table outside in the sunshine

Science– Observe Petri Dishes. Discuss the status of the germ and bacteria growth.

Gross Motor– Midline Exercises