Student Success and Character Development

Did you know there are many studies that have found strong correlations between character trait/development and student success? How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough brings this to light as well as many other interesting points and studies. Kipp ( is one of several schools that understands and applies this into their curriculum, and so do we! It’s important and is being lost in many school today with the rigorous demands teachers and students face. Now schools are being pressured to do away with holidays. Well, in all/most holidays of all beliefs, there is a positive and vital character lesson to be delivered. For example, Christmas is a lesson on giving, Thanksgiving one of thankfulness. Why not as a school of diversity, learn the important life lessons in all holidays around the world. It would actually instill some history and world education at the same time. So why instead do away with it? So my point is that we do here at EFF&Preschool and I guess that’s one of many benefits to homeschool education (if you can’t we can), but also, it’s so sad that we are taking further opportunity to advance our character building and world knowledge away from our children.

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